Yummy Chocolate Pairing Ideas

What is the best food to mix with chocolate if you are going on a romantic date? Chocolate is a strong aphrodisiac, which means that one of our recommended pairings could bring you a lot more sugar than you’ve hoped for. It’s true — chocolate can make women and men horny, and you can only improve its effect if you pair it with several other ingredients. So take a look at this article on yummy chocolate pairing ideas to learn more!

Why Is Chocolate a Versatile Ingredient?

Let’s face it — almost everyone loves to indulge in some form of chocolate. It’s incredibly versatile, and its sweet and potent taste can be a perfect match for nearly any occasion. That includes a celebration, romantic dinner, or even a naughty sex act!

Generally, you can combine a chocolate bar with almost any flavor, including sweet, salty, and sour. If you get creative, you can eat chocolate with various kinds of fruit, cheese, wine, and so much more. Of course, when it comes to exciting chocolate pairings, the sugar level is the most important thing you’ll need to consider. That is, not all types of chocolate blend well with other foods due to their sugar content.

What’s more, if you’re planning an intimate evening, remember that chocolate is a widely known libido enhancer. It can fuel your desire and make your heart race. So if you want to make good use of chocolate in that way, consider some of our recommended chocolate pairing ideas.


When it comes to fruits, you should consider the shade of your chocolate. The rules are fairly simple.

With dark chocolate, you should use sweet fruit. That includes strawberries, bananas, figs, etc. That way, you will balance out the bitterness of the chocolate with a punchy and refreshing flavor. If you wish to use white chocolate, you’ll need to pair it with something sour. Try blueberries, blackberries, cherries, oranges, and similar. That will create a sweet harmony between the sugar and the tang. Lastly, milk chocolate is the most versatile. Just about any fruit will suit it! Ultimately, if you’re looking for something classy and best suited for a romantic date, go for dark chocolate, strawberries, and a glass of wine.


It’s always a good idea to add some nuts to your diet. If you combine chocolate with nuts, you’ll get a chewy texture and a flavor that borders on sweet and salty. Nuts are also a great addition to chocolate cakes or ice cream. So which ones will taste the best with chocolate?

Typically, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, macadamias, almonds, and peanuts will work with any chocolate type. The general rule here is to use darker chocolate with strong-tasting nuts like pecan. Sweeter chocolates will work better with walnuts or almonds due to their flavor profile. When combined with chocolate, they’ll give you a powerful energy boost. It will revitalize you for any physical activity, including your sexual adventures.


While cheese may not be the first thing you’ll think of that works great with chocolate, it’s actually a brilliant match. This mix will give you a nuanced and delicious flavor that will be difficult to forget.

In fact, the pairing is so punchy that it will make you feel excited and elated. Both cheese and chocolate can raise your dopamine levels and act as aphrodisiacs.

For this pairing, you will need to match the flavors of the cheese and chocolate. Soft cheese (goat or triple cream) will produce some epic flavors when combined with dark or milk chocolate. Try to avoid hard cheeses like pecorinos as their taste will simply overwhelm the chocolate.


Salted or sweet caramel is simply the hottest ingredient to use with chocolate. Its seductive golden color and special flavor will work wonders on your taste buds. It will be hard to go wrong here since caramel will fit most chocolate types.

Also, you can use all sorts of caramel with soft or hard textures. It works great for dessert recipes like salted caramel chocolate bars, caramel and chocolate ice cream or dip, etc. Usually, you can use both milk and black chocolate with it. If the pairing is too sweet, it’s better to use dark chocolate. What’s more, a bit of caramel and chocolate syrup will go a long way if you’re trying to think of fun foreplay activities in bed.

Peanut Butter

All chocolate lovers know that this pairing truly needs no introduction. It’s a match made in heaven, and it always works! Unfortunately, if you have a peanut allergy, you won’t be able to try this combo. However, if you have no problems with peanut butter, you can add it to most dark or milk chocolates as well as cakes or cookies. The two complement each other so well that it will be hard to make a mistake. Interestingly, peanut butter is also an effective aphrodisiac. It contains monounsaturated fats, which are important for female arousal. So aside from it having a fantastic taste, this energetic pairing will make you incredibly horny!

Salty Treats

If you want to make treats with melted chocolate and a few salty ingredients, you actually have a lot of options. Those who love baking should definitely test their skills on salty truffles, sea salt chocolate chips, and much more. They may not be the lightest foods that will get you in the mood for action, but they’ll definitely make you chill out and relax after dinner.

Of course, you can also buy or make chocolate-covered salty snacks. That includes popcorn, pretzels, potato chips, etc.


Those who love a hot cup of mocha will know the intense and revitalizing flavor of this pairing. Coffee (e.g., Italian roast or medium roast) and chocolate are an ideal match because they are relatively similar in flavor. The sweetness of dark or milk chocolate works magically with some warm and bitter coffee.

Plus, when they are combined, they offer a myriad of health benefits. For instance, chocolate contains essential minerals and vitamins. Coffee also provides a lot of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Of course, we know that coffee can trigger your colon and make you want to poop. That’s why this pairing may not be the best before any kind of bedroom endeavors.


Now we’ve come to the most sensual pairing of all — chocolate and wine! Dark chocolate goes down incredibly well with a glass of red and gives it a bold flavor. It is simply ideal as a subtle dessert for anyone who wants to take care of their diet. If you need a sweeter flavor, you can pair white or milk chocolate with certain wine types (Rosé, sparkling wine, etc.).

Interestingly, wine is the strongest libido-booster compared to other types of alcohol. The aroma of wine can naturally make women aroused, and men who drink it will also experience increased testosterone. If you are looking for the best chocolate pairing that will make you hornier than ever, definitely choose wine, but don’t take it too far (with the drinking, of course!).

Final Thoughts

So which combination was your favorite? Would you prefer to try one at home and relax after dinner? Or will you make the most out of chocolate as an aphrodisiac and use it during sex for some unforgettable adventures? Good luck and bon appétit!