Why Tongue Vibrators are the Next Big Thing

The vibrator industry is a dynamic space and loves to experiment with new shapes and technologies to offer newer experiences for users. Tongue vibrators are one of the latest inventions from the vibrator industry and they are selling like hot cakes of late. Their unique shape is strategically contoured to lead a woman into those earth-shattering orgasms in no time. According to market experts, they are the next big thing in the sex toy scene and women far and wide have embraced it in all its glory.

If you are bored of your regular vibrator toy and craving for a refreshing change with enhanced pleasure, welcome tongue vibrator in your life. The post below offers a brief on the wonder called tongue vibrator.

What is a tongue vibrator?

As the name says, this is a vibrator toy which is shaped like a human tongue. A typical vibrator comes with a pointed end to mimic the sensation of fingering down under. But, a tongue vibrator looks and fees completely different from that of a regular pointed vibrator toy. Its tongue- like mouth sits firmly on your clit to enamor you with a mindblowing oral sensation. Think about the divine pleasure of being licked and sucked in your nether regions and you have tongue vibrators to do the honors for you.

What’s so hot about tongue vibrators?

 Explosive orgasms

It has been repeated time and again that women find it hard to achieve orgasms through penetrative sex alone. Around 70% of women have already admitted the truth. The main reason here is that the key to female orgasm lies in the stimulation of her nether regions down under. And clit or G-spot stimulation is not always possible through penetrative sex. Thus women are left high and dry in their sex life and they often have to fake orgasm to keep their partners happy.

Oral stimulation by partner is really important to kickstart the big “O” game for a woman. And a tongue vibrator does that to the T and indulges you in multiple bursts of strong orgasms. Now, you may say that we already have the regular vibrator to stimulate a woman’s clit and G-spot. Then, why do you we need an additional tongue vibrator? It’s because of the unique shape of the toy. Regular vibrators are undoubtedly wonderful stimulators. But they come with pointed or tapered ends. As a result, they can’t bring the very feel of a “tongue” that a woman’s clit craves for. This is where a tongue vibrator takes the cake away. Given their very contour, a tongue vibrator toy beautifully mimics the feel of tongue stimulation to reward you with an invigorating and passionate oral down under.

Good for solo oral

A passionate oral play sets the mood for the perfect steamy night for any woman out there. But what when your partner is not with you? What if you are single? What if your partner is out on a trip? What if your partner is not in the mood or not exactly comfortable to give you an oral? Well, a tongue vibrator is the answer to all these “what if”s for you.

As mentioned previously, they are shaped like a tongue and hence can easily indulge you in thrilling oral sensation even when you don’t have your partner with you. This way, you can be assured that you won’t miss out on your favorite sexual activity and your O-game even when your partner is not around.

It’s to note here some men might not be comfortable with oral sex. Every person has his own choice and preferences. Just because your man isn’t comfortable in giving you an oral, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. The emotional factor is not really relevant here. So, don’t misunderstand him and accept him the way he is.

But, then, it also doesn’t mean you would have to deprive yourself from oral sex. You have the tongue vibrator to do the pleasantries here.

Enjoy oral in long-distance relationship

What if your partner is very much eager to woo you with a passionate oral but is away from you physically given job obligations? Now, that’s sad no doubt. Oral sex is thrilling. In fact, many women would prefer oral sex over penetrative sex anyday. And when your partner is not with you, you miss out on some serious fun.

But, you can put those worries to rest now, thanks to remote controlled tongue vibrators. These remote controlled vibrators not only let you enjoy an invigorating oral stimulation- but also let your partner control it. These vibrators work through smartphone apps. Your partner would have to download it in his smartphone. Then, when you two are in the mood for some oral fun, get the tongue vibrator and let him control the buzz through the app. This way, you won’t really miss out on receiving oral from your man.

Winding up

Tongue vibrators are simply amazing. They pave the doorway to orgasm through perfect oral stimulation and assure a more exciting sex life for many women out there.  You will find them in varied designs and sizes. Some of them even come with vibrating nubs to take the stimulation game to a whole new level. in fact, this is one area where vibrating tongues score over human oral sex. With a human oral, you don’t have these little extras like vibrating nubs or ridges. Thus, even if you have a great partner who is always up for a passionate oral,  do make sure to invest in a vibrating tongue. Please request him not to misunderstand. Your man might feel he is not being able to care for you enough. Just tell him that your tongue vibrator will offer him plenty of free time and space to engage himself in other more intimate things.

It’s always advised to use a good lubricant with your tongue vibrator. The slippery feel of lube will make things even more realistic and lead you to an euphoric climax. Lastly, make sure to pair it with a lovegasm tongue dildo. Visit their website to score some of the most amazing lovegasm deals.