Tongue Vibrators for Solo Oral Play

Different actions offer different results, and the same goes for sex. All kinds of positions, kinks, and fetishes exist, but not many provide the feeling and stimulation oral sex does. Even if one could argue that going down on someone is fully one-sided, there’s a bit more to it.

Oral sex is often considered a standard foreplay technique for people of all preferences, genders, and sexual orientations. The actual act in itself is a pretty Dom/sub thing, with one partner having nothing to do while the other one is fully concentrated on providing pleasure. But it’s not a degrading act by any means. Going down on someone is more of a let-me-do-something-nice-for-you kind of thing.

The feeling of having someone’s face next to your genitals, breathing close to your crotch, and kissing it with intensity is something to behold. Again, it can easily be mistaken for something that puts one person above the other, but the thing is — people love oral sex. Being up close and personal with where the action is, it’s something else entirely.

Moreover, it’s great for both partners. Even if you’re the one doing all the work, being down there in full control of your partner’s crotch is rewarding in itself — it lets you see how they react to different types of pleasure you provide. On the other hand, if you’re the one getting orally pleased, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world, with your lover doing everything they can to bring you to an orgasm.

Simulating Cunnilingus With a Sex Toy

Oral sex is, like we’ve said, great and all — but it requires a partner. Being solo is a bit of a problem here. Well, it was an obstacle until sex toys came along. So ever since tongue vibrators burst onto the self-pleasure scene, the world of pussy licking hasn’t been the same.

These tongue-shaped critters rocked the foundation of what we know as going down on someone. Just like their name says, tongue vibrators are soft material toys that resemble an actual human tongue. When we say soft, we mean smooth silicone.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but their common goal is, wait for it — cunnilingus. They work both for vaginal and anal stimulation, making them not afraid to look at what’s hiding in the back room.

Tongue devices come in three main categories. They can be wireless, with remote controls, and fully manual. Of course, these options differ in price, but that’s not something unheard of.

The best tongue vibrators offer different levels of intensity and more freedom with the controls. These pussy-licking devils aim for clitoral stimulation, too, making them a perfect toy for reaching a toe-curling orgasm.

How Tongue Vibrators Can Help

Simulating tongue action isn’t the goal for the vast majority of toys out there. It’s not that the sex toy industry refuses to provide their users with such sensations; it’s just the fact that it isn’t that easy to pull off. Unless you are, of course, using a tongue vibrator.

Their design is fully concentrated on making a believable oral sex scenario, even if you’re alone. Not only do they look like real tongues, their softness fully sells the idea of a real mouth, licking and sucking on your genitals. Also, if you add to that different intensity options that mix and spice things up, you’ve got yourself a perfect oral toy.

For all people having trouble convincing their partners to provide them with much-needed downstairs action, tongue vibrator toys solve everything. Single people, solo for one reason or another, can also enjoy them. They’re pretty similar to real action. Therefore, some might never go out chasing a partner after they try a tongue toy out. 

Different Strokes Using a Tongue Vibrator

These clit toys come in all sorts of sizes and., most importantly, in different ways of use. Hence, if you’re into manually controlling your gadget, making every move count, you should opt for a classic analog device: no-fuss, no manuals, and no thinking — just pure oral sex.

But on the other hand, if you’d like to rest your hands, with only your operating finger moving now and then, go for a tongue vibrator with a remote control. Most devices offer a preset of options, so you can just shuffle around. This way, you’ll keep the oral session interesting and diverse. After all, it’s mostly about putting yourself into the hands (tongue in this case) of another person.

Also, if you and your partner are up for some fun while you’re not in the same room, a nice wireless device exists. It’s a trend in sex toys nowadays, and it’s great. For people who need some fun but are restricted from each other, playing with a device controlled wirelessly is surely a way to go.

All three of these options offer different strokes and intensities, and it’s up to you to find what suits your genitals the best. Of course, you shouldn’t settle for only one. Different moods call for different styles. So, explore and find what works best for you.

Tongue Vibrators for Anal Stimulation

If you’ve seen some tongue vibrator porn by any chance, you’ve surely noticed that pros don’t just use them for vaginal (clitoral) stimulation — these wild boys work in the backroom as well. Thus, this makes them perfect for any oral action. 

Some tongue vibrators videos feature them working people’s nipples. But no matter if they’re fake or natural tits, these toys make them red hot. Among all the vibrator clit toys, tongues truly stand out as the best of the bunch. It’s not just that they look and act like the real deal, they’re pretty easy to use.

Don’t hesitate if you’re looking for some oral action. Whether you’re alone or with your partner, try a tongue vibrator — they’re gnarly! Especially if you get them from lovegasm! Visit their website to score some of the most amazing lovegasm deals. Highly recommended by anyone who’s tried them, these mini marvels will become your true power buddies. So get yourself one and let the licking begin!