Why Is Vanilla Considered an Aphrodisiac

Why People Consider Vanilla an Aphrodisiac

There’s no doubt that most of us enjoy vanilla in one way or another. It’s a spice (some consider it to be fruit) we use in all sorts of recipes. It found its way into medicine too! The overall health benefits of using this orchid-derived spice are numerous.

Nevertheless, we’re here to explore how it can increase sexual stimulation. It’s no secret that some use it as aphrodisiac food, but is it that effective? Well, read on to find out what lies beneath this orchid tree. You’ll no longer bake your cakes and cookies the same after reading our take on vanilla. 

The Chemistry of Food

It’s no secret that different types of food provoke different moods in people who consume them. Doctors talk about this all the time. For example, fatty fish make sure we don’t venture into depression because they’re full of Omega-3 acids. And on the other hand, bananas are one of the most happy-provoking types of fruit in the world. They control the amount of sugar in our blood vessels, turning a frown into a smile.

However, one of the most powerful groceries you can eat is chocolate. Rich in all sorts of components, cocoa is a rich source of fuel for our brains. It can reduce inflammation, boost overall brain health, and regulate increased blood flow. Also, chocolate’s pleasant smell, taste, and texture positively affect our mood on a more simplistic level. But besides these obvious food choices, you can also profit from a regular intake of vanilla.

Firstly, one of the least-known side effects of consuming vanilla is that it boosts your organism’s antibacterial response. It’s especially evident in children, the elderly, and immunocompromised people. Moreover, vanilla scent is an antidepressant. Using vanilla perfume or cream can help boost your mood in no time. Additionally, doctors are now using it in some experimental treatments for degenerative diseases.

Vanilla as Aphrodisiac

Although we said that sweet vanilla is great for all sorts of things, it’s famous for aphrodisiac qualities. Long story short, the aroma of this orchid fruit is what it’s all about. Throughout history, people were using it constantly. Among royalty, vanilla was the go-to spice for perfumes, erotic baths, and mood-setting candles.

The sex drive begins in our brains. Before you even taste vanilla, your hypothalamus gland activates and sends signals (sex hormones) throughout your body. Hence, it’s no wonder why people from the past used to believe that bathing in vanilla-sprinkled water would awaken your body’s sexual desire. And they weren’t wrong — vanilla raises the testosterone levels in males and estrogen in females.

Famous monarchs would use vanilla perfumes, such as Queen Elizabeth I. Some historians claim she would scent her bedroom with it, making it more lady-like and provocative. However, we now know that indigenous people from Mexico were the first ones to use vanilla for sex rituals. They would mix it with cocoa drinks, believing it would help with performance in bed.

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Sugar Daddies and Vanilla

Some researchers claim that vanilla is in the top five most attractive aromas for men. However, the results also show that this love for vanilla is mostly associated with older individuals. You could say it’s a sign of maturity for guys. So, don’t get surprised if you meet a younger woman who uses a vanilla perfume hanging out with a mature gentleman.

In case you’re looking to incorporate vanilla into your diet, you can do it in various ways. For instance, vanilla tea is a big thing all over the world. So, not only will you increase your overall health, but you’ll also profit from it sexually. On the other hand, you can also use vanilla oil skincare products to bolster your chances with guys.

The Numbers

A recent study done on male Wistar rats revealed fascinating results. Using a 200 mg dose of vanillin — the primary chemical component of a vanilla bean — scientists were able to demonstrate vanilla’s aphrodisiac properties. Their end-results align with previous studies that claim a 9% increase of arousal in men who consume vanilla-spiced food.

They also claim that proper intake of vanillin can help with erectile dysfunction, libido, impotence, and other male-related problems. Since it regulates your heart rate, vanilla helps blood flow all over your body. That way, the amount of blood that goes into your genitals during arousal increases.

Funny enough, vanilla’s a phallic-shaped fruit. So, it’s like nature’s giving us clear signs on how to use it. But joking aside, you can’t dispute the numerous positive effects this spice (fruit) has on our bodies. From its antibacterial value to increasing blood flow and helping with brain health, the benefits of vanilla are simply a gift from the heavens.

Final Words

So, in case you’re looking for something other than blue pills and disgusting jellies to help you with your health and sexual performance, look for products that contain vanilla in them. You can apply it as skincare oil, drink tea with it, or simply eat food with it. Either way, there’s no doubt you’ll benefit greatly. Also, ladies, don’t forget that men simply adore the scent of vanilla perfumes.