Weird chocolate combinations that are actually awesome

Are you a chocolate lover? Would you be brave enough to try some bizarre chocolate ideas and combinations? Check out our list of weird chocolate combinations that are actually awesome!

Walking on the wild side with chocolates

Did you know that chocolate first began as a strong and bitter drink? In fact, some sources say that we consumed drinks with cacao beans even 5,000 years ago. However, modern chocolate history begins in the 1800s. That’s when the first chocolate bars were produced. Legendary brands like Hershey’s emerged, and that’s when milk was added to chocolate to make it sweeter. After that, manufacturers started to add sea salt, peanut butter, ice cream, and lots of other ingredients to chocolate to create complex flavors.

Today, everyone loves chocolate, and we love it so much that we can’t seem to stop experimenting with different tastes and chocolate combinations. Dark, milk, and even white chocolate all have unique tastes that allow them to be combined with other foods. These are mainly simple combinations, but some are so unique that you’d never think to try them. Check out some of the best weird chocolate combinations below, and we dare you to try them all!

1. Jalapeno peppers

For a perfect mix of insanely hot and super sweet, you could make some jalapeno peppers covered in chocolate. Chocolate jalapeno peppers are a big deal in New Mexico and Texas, and it’s fairly easy to make them. First, you need to melt the chocolate and simply dip a jalapeno pepper inside the mix. Wait until the chocolate hardens and cools. Then, get ready to try some of the spiciest and sweetest combinations on the planet!

The reason why these flavors pair so well is due to the stinging and sour taste of the peppers. When combined with sweet milk or dark chocolate, it brings out the best of both worlds and makes for a heavenly combination.

2. Chocolate bacon sticks

If chocolate goes with everything and bacon also goes with everything, what happens when you combine them? There’s only one way to know! This tried-and-true American combo is easy to prepare, and you just need to melt your chocolate and fry some bacon strips. Then, dip the bacon into the melted chocolate and wait for it to dry. It’s best to use milk or hazelnut chocolate for this combination. How does it taste?

Well, the fatty and crispy flavor of the bacon is an ideal match for the sweetness of the chocolate. The bacon will also have a smoky taste, which creates an unusual match with the creamy texture of the melted chocolate.

3. Chocolate parmesan cake

Salt is one of the main flavors of chocolate, and you can only improve it by mixing it with other salty foods like cheeses. Cheeses and chocolate are a legendary food pairing, and there are many combinations to be found here. One of the best pairings that stands out is chocolate with parmesan cheese.

You can try this by making a salty chocolate truffle parmesan cake. The process is the same for making any truffle cake with dark chocolate. However, parmesan is the secret ingredient, and you need to incorporate it into the mixture before you bake it. What follows is a buttery, cheesy, salty, and sweet/bitter flavor combination!

4. Chocolate-covered jerky

Chocolate-covered jerky will literally hypnotize every meat lover! Just like the bacon and chocolate mix, this pairing proves yet again that salt and sweet tastes are ideal for each other. Actually, this has even been proven by science, but you don’t need to study a bunch of papers to figure that out. If you love beef jerky, it’s time to take the next step and cover it in chocolate!

Luckily, the recipe for that is pretty simple. Firstly, you need to melt your favorite chocolate. Any chocolate will do, including bittersweet, dark, white, etc. When it gets creamy and warm, simply dip your jerky inside. You can also pour or drizzle the chocolate over it. Finally, to add an additional flavor punch, you can top the jerky off with some caramel or any topping that you can think of.

5. Chocolate-covered sun-dried tomatoes

Even though you’re probably skeptical and think that it doesn’t work, this combo actually creates a savory and sweet blend. It’s unlike any other chocolate combos on this list. This is due to the oily and stingy taste of sun-dried tomatoes.

To make this combination, use thin pieces of sun-dried tomatoes. Also, it’s advisable to use dark or milk chocolate to enhance the flavor. Simply melt some chocolate chips in a double boiler and add in the tomatoes. Be sure to spread out the chocolate so that it only forms a thin layer. The primary flavor of this mix should be the tomato, but the thin chocolate layer should add a unique punch to it!

6. Chocolate broccoli cookie

If your child absolutely despises healthy foods like broccoli, we may have a solution for you. Chocolate-covered broccoli cookies are some of the most bizarre food combinations that we can suggest!

However, this pairing actually tastes great, and it can provide you with some much-needed vitamins and minerals. Broccoli usually has a bitter and peppery taste, but as you’ve seen in this article, those flavors are perfect for chocolate mixes!

The best chocolate to use here is milk chocolate. It will eliminate some of the bitterness of the broccoli. If you use dark chocolate, you’ll only boost the bitterness, and the pairing won’t taste well. The trick is to boil your broccoli and cut it in halves. Then, pour melted milk chocolate on it, and you’ll be ready to serve this delicious treat!

7. Chocolate-covered squid

There are several ways to combine squid and other types of seafood with chocolate. Trust us — it’s not as disgusting as it sounds!

One way is to dip dried and shredded cuttlefish into melted chocolate. This squid is highly aromatic. Plus, it’s chewy, and mixing it with milk chocolate creates an even more unusual texture along with an oddly satisfying salty and sweet flavor.

Moreover, some gourmet experimenters prefer to use boil squid as this emphasizes their gummy texture. If you prepare it that way, you can cover each individual tentacle in chocolate. You’ll end up with a spooky-looking and alien-like dish that you can impress your friends with. Another variant of this pairing comes in the form of a popular fusion dish. It’s a squid curry dish with chocolate sauce. You can pair it with rice, shallots, or even bread and vegetables.

Bon appétit!

Finally, it’s time to try some of those combinations for yourself! So stock up on some lovely chocolate, gather the other ingredients from our list, and have fun!