Types of Chocolate

Chocolate has the best reep a piece candy could have in the world. That’s why you can find it in almost any and all sweet products. It just makes everything taste so much better. Even sex and chocolate go well together! However, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

It has numerous health benefits, and it actually makes people happy. What’s there not to love? It comes in multiple types too, so whatever flavors you prefer, there’s a chocolate to match.

It can also be used to spice up your bedroom playtimes, so use it for whatever you see fit.

How Chocolates Have Evolved Since the Beginning of Time

You’d be surprised to know the origins of chocolate and how it evolved over time. It was first used for beverages and then as a currency, and people thought it was a gift from gods.

Fast forward almost a thousand years to find chocolate as we know it today. Lots of people are using chocolate during sex nowadays too. Yes — a lot of sexy activites and chocolate go together very well! You should definitely try to incorporate this aphrodisiac in your bedroom. Read more here.

Now that we have a lot of different types of chocolate that are good for numerous things, we are wondering which one is your favorite.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has many health benefits, hence its popularity in recent years. This isn’t the type of chocolate you can find in your usual candy of choice. That’s mostly because it’s not as sweet as other chocolate types.

Its flavor depends on the quality of cocoa. It’s never too sweet, but it’s not bitter either because one of its two ingredients is sugar (the other is chocolate liquor).

This type of chocolate is suitable for baking or making sweets that require a rich, chocolatey taste. We suggest you slip it in your next chocolate cake.

Bittersweet Chocolate

This is another type of chocolate people praise for its health benefits. It can be quite bitter, depending on the cocoa and cacao percentages. Chocolate below 66% cocoa isn’t considered bittersweet, so if you’re looking for chocolate like this, keep your eye on the percentages.

Bittersweet (or semisweet) chocolate can be a great treat for people trying to cut down on sugars but don’t want to give up the chocolatey goodness. Just like dark chocolate, this type is excellent for any baked goods that require a rich flavor. Try putting a few in brownies or cookies.

Cocoa Powder

Putting chocolate liquor under a lot of pressure results in it separating and forming cocoa solids. These cocoa solids go through some crushing to form powder.

The taste and color of the cocoa powder depend on the solids it came from. They can either be natural or Dutch. The difference is that Dutch cocoa undergoes an extra process to get a milder taste.

You can use cocoa powder for a lot of things. Not only when you’re baking, but when making hot beverages as well. In short, Dutch cocoa powder is great because it mixes with liquids easier.

Chocolate Liquor

The name itself might make you think that this type of chocolate contains alcohol, but it doesn’t. It’s more of a chocolate liquid that acts as a base for all kinds of chocolate.

This chocolate is also known as unsweetened chocolate because it doesn’t have any other ingredients. Yup, it’s pure chocolate! Chocolate nibs from the cocoa bean are ground into a powder, which then becomes a paste after you apply heat to it. This paste turns into a liquid that people pour into molds to make chocolate products. We wouldn’t suggest using chocolate liquor for anything else.

White Chocolate

Here comes a type of chocolate that really stands out from the rest. White chocolate doesn’t get its color from the cocoa solids. Why? Because it doesn’t contain any. Ingredients that make white chocolate are cocoa butter, milk, vanilla, sugar, and lecithin (which makes everything combine smoothly).

This is one of our personal favorites because of its creamy texture and sweet flavor. Like any other chocolate, you can use this one for baking. However, you can put its color to good use by decorating cakes, muffins, cookies, or whatever you want with it. It will definitely make everything taste better.

Milk Chocolate

If you have a favorite chocolate bar, chances are it contains milk chocolate. This is the most popular type of chocolate, and rightfully so. Think of what would happen if white and dark chocolates had a perfect baby. That’s what milk chocolate is — rich and sweet, but also smooth. You just have to love it. Ingredients used here are cocoa liquor, sugar, and milk. Simple and easy to make — no wonder everyone gravitates towards it!

Everyone uses white chocolate for cooking and baking as well. You cannot go wrong with putting it in anything.

Ruby Chocolate

This is the type of chocolate not many people have tried, but have probably seen. If you think this is just white chocolate with a pink color, you’re making a mistake. It is made from ruby cocoa beans that grow in Brazil and South Africa.

Ingredients used here are ruby cocoa and milk, giving it a distinct taste. The ruby cocoa has a slightly fruity flavor, so keep that in mind when putting this chocolate to use in the kitchen. It’s excellent for either decorating or mixing into batters of fruity cakes or other products.

Read more about Ruby Chocolate here.


Whether you’re trying to make hot chocolate, ice cream, cake, or any other dessert, there’s a type of chocolate that will be a perfect choice.

They all have a slightly different taste and texture, but their purpose remains the same. It’s not to enhance your dishes, but to make people happy in general. If you’re interested in the aphrodisiac properties of chocolate, you could use it in the bedroom too.

It all depends on how you intend to use it, so we’d suggest picking the type whose taste you like the best.