The Ultimate Care Guide for Your Butt Plugs

Designed specifically for anal dilation, their conical shape allows progressive penetration to the maximum diameter before being automatically swallowed by the anus by the effect of the sphincters which will contract on it.

It is a great moment when we arrive at this passage because it will enter on its own while propelling itself inside.

The sensations are very variable and depend on the size, the shape, and also the material or texture of the plug. Your anus is also there for something because we do not all have the same anatomy and the shape of the part which will remain at the level of the anus takes all its importance.

Small plugs: They have their interest for beginners zen anal penetration or if you want to keep your plug in you for a long time without it being painful.

The only annoyance is that the difference between the maximum diameter and that which must remain around the anus is very small. This does not allow hands-free use since it will escape at the slightest anal contraction. It can also be a game of trying to keep it without expelling it. For outdoor use under your clothes you will need to wear tight jeans.

Plug means with a diameter of 30 to 45 mm, they can be used hands-free. During the introduction when the maximum diameter arrives at the passage of the anus, the plug will literally be swallowed by your small hole, guaranteed surprise effect. Then, if the shape of the foot is well adapted to your anatomy, it will remain planted in you without you having any effort to do to preserve it. Well-informed amateurs can wear them for several hours, go to work or go shopping with the sensation of being constantly dilated.

Large plugs and giant plugs: from the 55mm diameter, need to be trained and as with all sex toys you have to go gradually because the anus is a small thing whose mucosa is fragile.

It will be more difficult to keep them for a long time because of their dimensions. It’s a question of training. We sometimes speak of anal training or anal training.

How to use a plug:

If you are not used to anal pleasure, start with a small Butt Plugs or a small dildo before moving on to a medium plug which will bring you sensations.

Lubricate your anus widely, a first penetration with one or two fingers will allow you to soften and relax. The anal muscle opening normally from the inside to the outside, the fact of wanting to operate them upside down for penetration is not natural, which is why it takes a little habit to tame them the operation.

Sit on your back or squat, relax, insert a finger while pushing as if you are going to have a bowel movement, this will allow you to relax your anus and facilitate the introduction. Take your time, play and when you feel ready you can start to introduce your plug which you will have lubricated. If it resists, do not insist, bring it out a little, wait a few moments and try again. By repeating these movements you will arrive at the moment when you will be close to the maximum diameter, we advise you to grasp the base in order to retain it, because after this maximum diameter, depending on its shape, it will tend to start at once inside and it surprises. There it is!

Once the plug is fully introduced you will understand the usefulness of this sex toy, a simple anal contraction will make your anus work without it escaping. Guaranteed sensations, at the time of orgasm when you realize that your anus contracts a lot during the climax of pleasure.


The Anal Plug is made with all kinds of materials. The different materials by their rigidity, their porosity, their look and the sensations they provide. While rigidity, appearance and feel are a matter of personal preference, the porosity of the material used affects the safety of the object. Indeed porous objects allow bacteria to grow in microscopic holes or pores, which is more difficult to clean. Of course, the price also varies depending on the material used.

Silicone is a quality material that is smooth, durable, tasteless, odorless and hypoallergenic. It is a flexible material. One advantage of silicone is that it is pleasant to the touch and quickly warms up to body temperature. It is 100% non-porous and can easily be sterilized by boiling.

Rubber is not expensive, durable, soft and flexible, it is a popular material for plugs and sex toys in general. However, it does have a distinct smell and taste that some people may not like. It is also porous and more difficult to clean.

Metal is also made for beautiful objects and is excellent for smooth sliding. Due to its hardness, be careful to avoid injury. The metal is non-porous and may be disinfected in soapy water or bleach.

The Lubricant

As with any anal penetration, use a lot of lubricant. The plugs can be left in the anus for a long period of time, but may be painful to move around and remove them, if the lubricant dries out. It is therefore suggested that the lubricant be reapplied at least once an hour.


Start slowly and gently. Relax the sphincter muscles and breathe slowly. After making ready the anus gently, use the lubricant to the whole outside of the anal plug, then gently insert it through the tip. Wait a bit for the muscle to relax and quietly adapt to the shape of the plug. Without pushing it further, rotate it slightly on itself, gradually widening the circles. Slowly, the muscle will reduce its heaviness and you will be able to insert the Butt Plugs, little further. Finally, the suite is yours.

A plug to go out:

If the Butt Plugs are used in a room, during love sometimes by the two partners, a fellatio, a cunnilingus, some wear them to go out, sleep.

In these latter cases of prolonged wear, we recommend the use of a condom in order to avoid possible irritation or intolerance with the materials of these sex toys. Use lots of lubricant, including in the rectum.

Those made of steel, silicone or glass is in principle the most neutral for the organism.

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