Butt Plug Safety Guide

People say that weed is a gateway drug to other, more serious psychoactive substances. But have you ever heard a heroin addict begin their confession with, “It all started when I shared a joint with my friends?” Those are the same people (not to reveal any names) who claim that wearing a butt plug will lead you to shoving an armadillo up your ass! Sure, a plug is one of the best anal toys for beginners, but there’s no reason for you to feel forced to move on from there. Unless, of course, you’re into armadillos, in which case, an anal plug is an excellent place to start!


If you’re considering trying out a sex toy of this kind for the first time, or if you’ve used some others but not for your backside, this article is just for you! We’ll walk you through what it’s like to wear a plug and what you should do to ensure anal toy safety. But before all that, let’s check out which plug you should buy. 

Avoid Cheap Butt Plugs

As you would expect, there’s a reason some plugs are more expensive than others. Despite its rise in popularity, the sex toy industry is still a rather unregulated market. Usually, sex toy stores qualify their products as novelty items. As a result, they don’t need to follow specific rules when making them. With that in mind, you have to be careful when shopping for a toy. That especially goes if you consider the fact that it will be in direct contact with your body.

You should, by all means, avoid using cheap butt plugs. Naturally, their price is the result of the material they’ve used, and more often than not, they’re not body-safe. For instance, stainless steel and silicone toys go well with your body and won’t cause any irritations. On top of that, they’re easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria causing STIs. That’s not the story with cheaper, not-so-safe materials.

Furthermore, imagine pulling on its flared base, trying to take the plug out, only to find out it snapped in half. The rest of the toy would still be inside you, and the only way to get it out would be to visit a doctor. It would be as painful as it is embarrassing.

Always Start Small

The entry to your anal canal is surrounded by sphincters, muscles which keep your butthole tight and shut. You need to train them to get them to be more flexible and accepting of penetration. Think of a butt plug as dumbells for your ass. You wouldn’t go to a gym and start pumping heavy iron right off the bat. It just doesn’t make sense! The same thing goes for anal play. You should always start off small and work your way up to bigger vibrator butt plugs. If you look at your collection and think of one that it’s too small, start with that one. You (your body) have to be ready for anal sex (simulation). If you go gung-ho, you’ll end up seeking medical attention.

There’s a way to tell if you’re using the right size. Although some of us enjoy a bit of pain in our sex life, this is not the place to seek it. Here, pain is a sign that you’re doing something wrong. Don’t try to fight through it as it’s a clear indicator you’re causing damage to yourself. Remove the toy out instantly and take a step back. Once you find it too easy to slip one in and you’re used to the sensations your toy produces, you’re ready for a bigger boy. Some of our readers have been asking us to recommend a store to buy their butt plugs from, so here it is. We have tested their products and never they disappoint, so make sure to give them a visit.

Make Sure to Relax

The mood is also essential. If you’re unsure and a bit scared of inserting your plug, your muscles will tense up, making the whole experience worse than it actually is. You have to relax and ease yourself into it. A bit of foreplay (with a partner or on your own) is always welcome. Once you get yourself in the horny mood, your body will want to party as well, which will cause your muscles to relax. Get in a position that suits you (we recommend lying on your back with a pillow under your hips), and, as always:

Don’t Forget the Lube

Lube is arguably the most vital element of this equation. Remember — you’re about to go inside your butthole, a place that, unlike vaginas, doesn’t produce natural lubrication. As a result, you have to apply lube on your own, and there’s never too much lube you can use. Be generous when administering, and put it both on your butt and the toy. Lube is there to remove friction, and without it, you would be in a lot of pain. There are three lube options you should use:

  • Silicone-based lubes
  • Water-based lubes
  • Oil-based lubes

Perhaps the best out of these three is the first one, as it doesn’t dry out as quickly, so you don’t have to reapply it as often. However, if you have a silicone toy, avoid silicone lube, as it can damage your plug.

Cleaning Your Butt Plug

After you’re done with your toy, it’s critical to clean it properly. Regardless of how well you’ve cleaned your butt, there is always some residual waste lingering around. As a result, you have to make sure your toy is clean enough and that it doesn’t have any bacterial deposits. The best thing to do is buy a toy out of non-porous materials (stainless steel, silicone, glass) so that the water (and bacteria) don’t get stuck inside. You can dip these plugs into hot water and make them sterile.

How to Keep Your Butt Plug for Later Use

Once you’ve sanitized the toy properly, it’s time to stash it until it’s time for another round (probably later the same day). Again, as it’s entering your body, you have to make sure it’s free of bacteria, so you should keep it in a clean and safe place. Put it in a ziplock bag or some other air-tight container that will shield it from dust. When you’re about to use it again, wipe it with a dry cloth beforehand.