The Rise of Chocolate Dicks

The rise of chocolate dicks is real. It is not a new post-apocalyptic movie, but an interesting way of pranking someone. “Eat a dick” chocolate is a new trend that allows people to make a funny joke and prank their friends, significant others, or even people they don’t like. Let’s dive deeper into the whole penis obsession and explore some ways you can find a unique gift for someone. 

Phallus-Obsessed Humans

Obsession with phallus-shaped objects is nothing new. Humans have been obsessed with penises since the dawn of time. Hell, even the earliest drawings and sculptures have penises on them. There are numerous Roman mosaics showing massive dongs, for example. And even before that, people made dildos and sculptures resembling genitalia. For example, the story of Osiris and Isis revolves around his penis, and there was a Phallus festival in ancient Greece. 

It seems that we haven’t changed a bit in the past thirty thousand years. Yes, the oldest find is the Hohle phallus, which is 28,000 years old. Even today, funny pranks, gags, and jokes involve penises. Obviously, everyone loves them. We have dick decorations, penis-art, toys shaped like a cock, and even phallic buildings.  

So, the only certainty in this world, or so it seems, is that we will find another way to use a penis. 

The Rise of Chocolate Dicks and Candies

One of the newest trends is chocolate penises and candies. Yes, you read that right. There are several companies that make edible dicks. As in real life, you can find different sizes (and tastes), and each offers something different. Of course, the question about the target audience remains. We have no idea who these are for, other than people who love chocolate and penises. 

But it can also be an incredible gag gift. At least if you are into this kind of humor. Some companies go as far as giving you a chance to send someone dick chocolate anonymously. And if that’s not incredible, we don’t know what is. You can send someone a clear message if you don’t like them — eat a dick (chocolate). And they would be foolish not to do it. 

If you always dreamed of sending someone a dick in the mail, now is your chance. And the best thing about it is that the whole service is a lot cheaper than you’d expect. Some companies also design hard candy (the name is probably intentional), spring-loaded glitter bombs, inappropriate greeting cards, and many more. 

And if somehow this isn’t enough for you, then you should check out this bakery that will allow you to send someone a bag of dicks. 

The Perfect Gift and Prank

Probably the first thing you’d think of if you received a dick at your door would be that it is some sort of prank. That is probably the main reason why people love sending dicks as a gift. The whole idea behind chocolate dicks came from a prank. Adam and his friend found a silicone mold for a dildo, and they thought it would be hilarious if they sent chocolate dicks to their friends as a prank. 

As it turns it, it really was hilarious. It was an excellent idea, but what started as a prank turned into a full-blown business. Soon, they created a website and started selling chocolate penises across the country. Naturally, they weren’t the only people that believed this to be funny, and their business started growing. 

Dick At Your Door is the most popular chocolate dick manufacturer, and their business keeps growing by the day. 

There are so many people you can surprise with this gift. It could be your close friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, or even that colleague you hate. As we mentioned before, the website offers anonymous gifting, which is an excellent way to blow off some steam and pull someone’s in the most reasonable way. 

Where to Order?

If all of this seems like an incredible idea, you might want to know where to find these noble people that can help you send a dick to someone. We already mentioned a couple of stores, but let’s check what other services you can find. 

The first one is the pioneer of the business, and it’s named simply Dick At Your Door. The second one we also mentioned is Sofa King Good Bakery, and they will allow you to send a bag of cock cookies. 

Of course, you can also check out Dicks By Mail, a perfect blend of the previous two stores. They also offer bags of gummy dicks, and you can send them anonymously. 

People always say that the intention is what matters, and the message behind a gift should be important. If you know someone who is a chocolate lover, and you always wanted to send them a special message, now might be a perfect opportunity.