How to Use Chocolate During Sex

Is chocolate better than sex? If you are constantly puzzled by this question, why not put the two together? If you combine sex and chocolate, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds. But how does that work, and what sort of activities or kinks can you try with chocolate?

Keep reading to learn how to use chocolate during sex and make the most out of this famous natural aphrodisiac!

Why Chocolate Is a Perfect Companion During Sex

For starters, chocolate is a world-famous aphrodisiac. Allegedly, it was used before or during sex for centuries. The Aztecs were among the first to discover the sexual benefits of cocoa beans. According to legend, Montezuma consumed fifty cups of sweet cocoa and honey as part of a sexual ritual to increase his libido. Over the years, scientists have discovered numerous compounds in chocolate that prove its effectiveness as an aphrodisiac.

Namely, chocolate has a pungent flavor. It contains some natural components that can produce “love” chemicals in the brain. That includes a tryptophan. This is a major component of serotonin. Chocolate also fuels the release of other hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. Additionally, it contains phenylethylamine, a well-known “love drug.” This chemical creates a strong endorphin rush and boosts your sexual desire.

Aside from that, people simply love to play with chocolate in bed. You can experiment with it to add something new to your sex life. It’s even possible to find chocolate treats that are shaped like various sex organs. Edible Anuses, for example, resemble a perfect anus but are made out of chocolate, and you can eat them or play with them. Overall, if you’ve never tried to use this delicious treat in your erotic experiments, definitely consider it as it could be an ideal companion.

Choosing the Right Type of Chocolate

Are there any risks when it comes to playing with and eating chocolate while having sex? Which type should you choose?

Well, to maximize the effects of this aphrodisiac, you should go for dark chocolate. If you play with white or milk variants, the sugars and additives could neutralize the effect of the aphrodisiac. What’s more, dark chocolate also contains large amounts of L-arginine. This powerful amino acid can bring more blood to your erogenous zones. That means it will enhance your desire and intensify sexual pleasure.

Of course, if you simply want to play around and lick some chocolate off your partner’s nipples and other body parts, you can use any type. However, make sure it doesn’t reach your or your partner’s vagina. The sugar can irritate the skin or even trigger an infection. Also, consider any food allergy (i.e., peanuts). Inspect the ingredients of your chocolate carefully before you attempt anything.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

If you really want to get dirty, feel free to consider all sorts of chocolate types. You could use solid chocolate, syrups, frosting, cookies, various candies, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, etc. You can even try to melt your own chocolate and use it while it’s warm. With syrups, simply put the chocolate in some squeeze bottles. Then, apply it to various body parts.

Things to Do With Chocolate

Some of the best areas to experiment on are nipples, thighs, necks, chests, bellies, earlobes, etc. You can cover those areas with chocolate and lick them during foreplay to exercise your taste buds.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a foot fetish, chocolate will definitely kick things up a notch. Just apply it to your partner’s feet and worship them! If not, you can use chocolate for various other kinks.

For example, blindfold your partner and tie them up. Then, eat some chocolate off your slave’s body! Conversely, you could use chocolate as a reward. Just ask your partner to satisfy you sexually. If they do their job well, give them some chocolate as a treat. Cold spoons are a good idea. You can apply chocolate sauce on your partner’s body and give them some unique temperature-play sensations. The same goes for ice cream.

While it’s unsafe to pour chocolate over your vagina or push it inside, there won’t be any problems if you use it on a penis. Just make sure that yours or your partner’s cock doesn’t have any sores or cuts. Then, you can put chocolate cream all over your partner’s dick and slurp it up. If you’re feeling wild, you could slide a donut over your partner’s penis and try some delicious oral sex!

Regardless of the activity, remember that chocolate is quite messy. Don’t forget to use towels and keep some wipes at your side. If you’re worried about using real chocolate, you can get all sorts of alternatives from sex shops. That includes chocolate-flavored lubes, edible lotions, or even chocolate body paint. Some of those products could even be safe for the clitoris or vagina.

The Aftercare

As mentioned, you should use towels and keep the chocolate away from the vagina. Also, inspect the chocolate’s ingredients beforehand in case you have an allergy. However, you should also clean up after your chocolate-fueled adventures.

You can avoid a mess in your bedroom if you lay some towels on your bed before sex. Ideally, you should pick a spacious area where you can move freely without leaving stains on expensive furniture or on your walls.

During aftercare, you could take a shower together. Make sure to wash the chocolate off your bodies thoroughly with warm water. It could take a while to wash it away so don’t rush it. If you shower together, it will also be intimate and romantic. Ultimately, your skin will be clean, and you will get rid of any unwanted smells. However, if you’d like to retain the sweet smell of chocolate, you can use chocolate-scented soap or body wash.

Also, if you were really freaky during sex and if it was rough or intense, you will need to take a good rest. Share some time with your partner and comfort them emotionally.


Chocolate is a potent aphrodisiac, and it can be used for all sorts of kinky sex adventures. Hopefully, this article has taught you how to safely use it during sex, and we’ve even given you some ideas on what you can do with it. All you need to do next is to get some chocolate, cover your partner’s body in it, and get dirty! Good luck!