Edible Anuses Are Real and Here Are the Details

If you love to eat some ass, indulge in all sorts of anal play, or simply adore the look of a tight sphincter, you can satisfy your or your partner’s fantasies with an edible anus. And no, this is not a joke: edible anuses are real!

These delicious and naughty treats perfectly replicate the look of a chocolate starfish. You can gift them to your lover before a night of dirty sex or for another special occasion. Aside from the fact that edible buttholes look sexy, they can also make you quite horny. In fact, chocolate is a famous aphrodisiac.

So let’s get to the bottom of this and show you all you need to know about these curious sex toys!

What Is an Edible Anus?

This unique delicacy was invented in 2006 by an artist from the U.K. named Magnus Irving. His initial idea was to cast his own sphincter in dark Belgian chocolate. However, after some unsuccessful and clumsy attempts, Irving decided to use an assistant. He settled on using a female stranger as a model for his unique chocolate. The partnership worked out, and the gourmet chocolate anuses became famous worldwide.

What’s more, the Edible Anus company still sells the same immaculate chocolate molds of a stranger’s butt. You can purchase them online. For extra variety, you can pick from white, milk, or plain dark chocolate. Also, you can order custom-made chocolates that resemble your or your partner’s butt. These buttholes will arrive in a fancy and elegant box. What a naughty gift for anyone who loves some bootylicious treats!

How Are They Made?

Like we’ve said, the original Edible Anus was created when an anonymous woman volunteered to assist the artist with his concept. Interestingly, Irving claims that the woman simply wanted to help him out with his art project. Apparently, she didn’t want anything in return. Actually, she still doesn’t know that her anus is world-famous and that thousands of people have seen and tasted it!

Furthermore, the process of making these intimate sweets is straightforward. First, the artist places the model on the table with their legs pushed back. Then, they pour a molding liquid over the model’s anus. After that, when the casting dries, they make a hardened mold out of it. They then use it as an anatomically-correct template for the chocolate anuses.

In the end, the finished product looks similar to a Hershey’s Kiss, but with one big difference. Indeed, it perfectly resembles a tight and tidy anal opening, which many people often neglect as a powerful sex muscle.

Also, depending on your preferences, these chocolates can taste even better than the real thing due to some succulent flavoring. They are handmade in Irving’s studio using high-quality ingredients too.

How Much Do They Cost?

The chocolates are only sold in five-pack bundles that cost around $32, excluding shipping. Each pack contains three pieces. What’s more, you’ll also have to pay an additional $10 for an insulated shipping box. Still, that’s a fair price for a beautiful gift that you can give to your lover. The chocolates are a sexy choice for special occasions like Valentine’s day, anniversaries, or even long sex marathons.

And when it comes to sex, you may not have known that chocolate is a potent aphrodisiac. It has an intense flavor and is full of natural compounds like L-arginine. Combine it with the shape of a tight butthole, and it will definitely get your blood pumping! Chocolate is also the only food with the biggest concentration of the natural “love drug,” AKA phenylethylamine. This chemical can boost your sexual desire and make you horny.

Should You Get Your Partner an Edible Anus?

A box of these chocolates could be an ideal gift for your lover, especially if both of you are into butt stuff. If you love ass eating or anal penetration, you can certainly take advantage of these mouth-watering chocolate sphincters.

As mentioned, you can munch on these chocolate buttholes, lick them, or play with them during foreplay. If your partner is comfortable with butt stuff, a chocolate anus will definitely tickle their imagination.

But, if they’re not okay with it, it may not be a good choice. There’s a chance that your partner could be disgusted if you pop the fancy box open over dinner. However, some people (but probably not your parents) could appreciate these edible bootyholes as a gag gift and get a few laughs out of it. See more things you can give to people with dark humour.

And as mentioned, it’s also possible to order custom-made chocolate assholes that resemble your own. That way, your partner can eat your booty while indulging themselves in some yummy milk chocolate. Lastly, the company states that their special treats aim to transcend cultural boundaries. The artist’s concept also makes a strong statement regarding sexual orientation.

The Bottom Line

So what’s your verdict? If you’re simply obsessed with chocolate and the male or female anus, you should definitely order a few boxes of this naughty treat! Don’t forget that these puckers also boost your desire to get kinky since you can use them as an aphrodisiac! Have fun!